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There are several ways to contact MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital depending on your needs.

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MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital
5601 Loch Raven Boulevard
Baltimore, MD 21239
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Phone: 443-444-8000

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Visit career opportunities for a complete listing of jobs available at MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital. Call 443-444-3755 with any questions.

Phone Directory

Please note that urgent requests should be directed to one of the phone numbers listed below. For email inquiries, MedStar Good Samaritan staff will not respond to specific medical inquiries regarding a patient's condition or disease. View our privacy policy.

Information Desk*443-444-4000
Medical Records443-444-3885
Physician Referral443-444-4100
4-DOCS Referral Line443-444-3627
Administration443-444-8000, ask for Administration
Ambulatory Surgery443-444-4472
Bed Assignments443-444-3800
Blood Bank (Donation Center)443-444-4176
Burn Reconstruction443-444-2876
Cardiology Cath Lab443-444-4570
Cardiology EKG443-444-4280
Case Management443-444-3860
Center for Primary Care443-444-4047
Credit Union (Atlantic Financial)410-539-3274
Credentialing (Medical Staff Office)443-444-3904
CT Scan443-444-3875
Dental Office443-444-4900
Dialysis Walker Building443-444-4955
Dialysis Inpatient443-444-4640
Dialysis Outpatient (Ground Floor)443-444-4095
Emergency Department Registration443-444-3830
Emergency Department Nursing Station443-444-4040
Employee Health443-444-4380
Film Library Inpatient443-444-4344
Film Library Outpatient443-444-4611
Foundation Office443-444-4267
Health Information Mgt. [Medical Records]443-444-3885
Health Information Mgt. Coding443-444-4690
Health Information Mgt. Transcription443-444-3880
Help Desk, Information Services410-933-HELP
Home Care Coordinators443-444-3727
Human Resources443-444-3755
Hyperbaric Medicine443-444-4831
Information Desk443-444-4000
IV Therapy443-444-3944
Library, Health Sciences443-444-3891
Medical Clinic (Center for Primary Care)443-444-4047
Medical Staff Office443-444-3904
Minor Procedure Room Scheduling443-444-3715
Nuclear Medicine443-444-3710
Nursing Center (now FutureCare at Good Samaritan)410-532-5600
Nursing Office443-444-4030
Nursing Unit 2E (Rehab)443-444-4055
Nursing Unit 2W (Rehab)443-444-4050
Nursing Unit 3E (HCU)443-444-4065
Nursing Unit 3W443-444-4060
Nursing Unit 4E443-444-4075
Nursing Unit 5E443-444-4663
Nursing Unit 5W443-444-4080
Nursing Unit CCU443-444-4085
Nursing Unit ICU443-444-4090
Nursing Unit O'Neill 3 (orthopaedics/spine/medical/surgical)443-444-6800
Nursing Unit O'Neill 4443-444-5800
Nutritional Counseling, Outpatient443-444-4912
Operating Room443-444-3700
Orthopedics (JHU Arthritis Surgery)443-444-4730
Pain Management Program443-444-4878
Pharmacy Inpatient443-444-3950
Pharmacy Outpatient (MedStar Pharmacy, Morgan 1st Floor)443-444-4760
PET (Positron Emission Tomography) Scan410-933-2290
Physician Referral443-444-4100
Physician Relations443-444-4976
Pre-Admission Testing443-444-3725
Pulmonary Function Lab443-444-4313
Rehabilitation Services, Inpatient443-444-4701
Rehabilitation Services, Outpatient443-444-4600
Residency Office, Dept. of Medicine443-444-4860
Respiratory Care443-444-4305
Scheduling, Operating Room443-444-3715
Sleep Center (scheduling)443-444-4317
Smyth Building Management443-444-4522