Center for Nursing Excellence

MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital's Nursing Department has embarked on a "Journey towards Excellence" through the development of each and every nurse and the environment in which they practice. Our patient- and family-centered, evidence-based practice model utilizes a framework that supports shared governance. This framework includes transformational leadership, structural empowerment, exemplary professional practice, new knowledge and innovations and continuous improvements to achieve exceptional outcomes.

We are currently maximizing our ability to move our shared governance program to even higher levels by engaging our Coordinating Council in continuous assessment of the effectiveness of the councils, measuring the impact of their work on quality outcomes and the removal of barriers that prevent the achievement of their goals.

Nursing leadership is charged with promoting shared governance as the basis for clinical practice within the nursing department and assuring the optimal functioning of our unit-based councils.

Our pursuit of excellence has led us to the analysis of organizational structures that impact process and outcomes. Even more importantly, along the way our journey has required that we look deep within ourselves to examine our personal impact on the achievement of nursing excellence. We continue to look beyond every bend in the road knowing that the journey itself has great potential to improve and enhance our patient outcomes, satisfaction and our own personal and professional growth.

Shared Governance at MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital

The shared governance structure at MedStar Good Samaritan provides a mechanism for nurses to impact patient outcomes and enhance their own professional and personal growth. There are currently seven decision-making councils that contribute to the ongoing improvement of clinical outcomes, the work environment and overall nurse satisfaction. All nursing units are eligible to be represented on the following councils:

Shared Governance Councils

  • Coordinating Council
  • Diabetes Resource Council
  • Education Council
  • Evidence-Based Practice and Research Council
  • Professional Development Council
  • Professional Practice Council
  • Quality & Safety Council