Clinical Ladder

The Clinical Ladder was developed to recognize, reward, and promote excellence in clinical nursing at MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital. It was created to increase the commitment to career advancement, support MedStar Good Samaritan's recruitment and retention initiatives and to further promote the "Ideal Healthcare Experience" with quality customer service care.

The Professional Development Council is responsible for the administration of the program. There are four levels on the Clinical Ladder. At the time of hire, a nurse will automatically be placed on the clinical ladder. The Clinical ladder is composed of four components. These include clinical, education, teaching and leadership. Every nurse has opportunity to grow and advance on the ladder striving towards the highest level of Expert Practitioner.

Through the Clinical Ladder nurses are encouraged to grow professionally, improve their clinical expertise and utilize critical thinking skills while advancing their nursing practice through evidence based research. Nurses are financially rewarded as they advance farther up the ladder. Personal professional growth is encouraged both internally and nationally.

Opportunities for professional growth are offered internally. The hospital also supports certification from nationally recognized nursing organizations. An online certification review courses is available to all nurse. Reimbursement for the certification exams are offered to employees.

Unit with Highest Percentage of  Nurses on Clinical Ladder


Unit with Highest Percentage of Certified Nurses