The Professional Development Council (PDC) has developed a formal Mentoring program with more than 120 nurses recently embracing the opportunity and attending the Mentor training classes. All of these nurses are now available to provide valuable mentoring experiences to new employees. Nurses who have two years of experience and have been employed at MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital for at least one year are invited to become a Mentor. These nurses attend a training class on Mentoring after receiving approval from their patient care manager.

New graduates, new nurses and seasoned nurses who are new to MedStar Good Samaritan are offered the opportunity to select their mentor. The mentoring relationship lasts a minimum of one year and has been a vital step in improving retention at MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital. Here are some of the comments from our Mentors and our new employees about what this program has meant to them:

Mentea Party: Celebrating Our Mentors and Mentees

Biannually, the Professional Development Council hosts a Mentoring Tea to give mentors an opportunity to meet with their mentees in a relaxing environment.

Mentor Comments

"Through the Mentoring program, I've seen faster growth in the new staff. They feel more connected because they have someone they know who is not going to judge them." - Jennifer, ICU Mentor

"It's a great concept. It's needed to support our newest staff members." - Amy, Manager, Short Stay Unit

"It is fun helping a new nurse and mentoring them the way I was mentored. I don't want a new nurse feeling alone." - Tracy, HCU

"Mentoring a new nurse allows them to feel warmth in the new environment. They have someone to go to with their questions." - Kendal, PACU

"A mentoring relationship forms a support system and friendship that is long lasting." - Karen, PACU

Novice Nurse Comments

"My mentor is my 'go to' person for anything. There is nothing I can't ask her whether it is about medications, policies or information about the general community of the hospital. She is so supportive." - Catherine, 5 East

"My mentor is awesome. She is so good at what she does. She gives wonderful patient care and has incredible communication skills. I can share not only professional concerns, but she knows me personally." - Tamara, 5 East

"It's nice to know my Mentor takes time to listen to me. It helps me overcome my fears of the nursing profession." - Rita, IMC