Cardiology Patient Care Manager

Linda J. Hawes, RN, BSN
Diagnostic Cardiology Services



Cardiac Catheterization Lab

The cardiac catheterization lab at MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital is a diagnostic cath lab that performs more than 1,000 cases annually. The cardiac cath lab services are in the process of expanding to a second lab to better meet the needs of our community. This unit practices an interdisciplinary approach with a highly cross-trained staff in the performance of cardiac catheterizations, device implantations, and electrophysiology studies, as well as ablations. A self-scheduled unit, our cardiac cath lab takes a strong team approach for any issue that arises. Our staff has the opportunity for continuing education as well as participation on hospital-level councils.

Diagnostic Cardiology Services - EKG/Echo

The EKG department at MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital employs two inpatient cardiac rehabilitation nurses, one who specializes in heart failure, which is one of our highest admitting diagnoses in the hospital. These highly motivated nurses, with their strong cardiac background, focus on treatment and education of all facets of cardiac disease management. They also promote the benefits of outpatient cardiac services provided at the Good Health Center. These nurses participate in diagnostic cardiac testing, have a strong working relationship with the cardiac cath lab, and participate in hospital-level and unit-level education councils.

Heart Care Unit (3 East)

3 East, MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital's Heart Care Unit, is a 36-bed telemetry unit that follows a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach in the delivery of quality patient care to a diverse population of patients. The nursing staff on the Heart Care Unit strive at all times to maintain a healing environment, providing direct care to patients, and offering education to patients and their family members.

Staff work together as members of an interdisciplinary, multifunctional care team that includes cardiologists, cardiac physician assistants, case managers, social workers, a nurse educator, dieticians, hospitalist physicians, pastoral care representatives and ancillary services.