Nursing Vision and Values

Spirit ID-Revisited-2A vision statement describes the aspirations of an organization. The vision for the nursing organization at MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital is "to be trusted nurses caring for patients and others, while advancing practice". A set of values are the core behaviors that are expected of all nurses working together to achieve the vision. The "circle of values" for Nursing are Caring, Integrity, Respect, Commitment, Loyalty, and Excellence.

What Does Our Vision Mean?

  • Trusted Nurses- We aspire to achieve the faith and confidence of those we serve and to be their first choice when they need healthcare services for themselves, their families and friends. We earn their trust based on clinical quality, patient safety, service excellence and integrity.
  • Caring for Patients' and Others' - We provide superior clinical quality and world class service in a patient-first environment. We are the "corner stone" in the interdisciplinary team's ability to achieve ideal outcomes. We build lasting relationships with our patients, physicians, community, other employees and each other. We recognize individuals and groups for their quality patient care and nursing excellence.
  • Advancing Practice- We drive superior clinical outcomes through evidence-based, practice-driven protocol's and the advancement of our practice utilizing formal and continuing education.

What Do Our Values Mean?

  • Caring - Anticipating and meeting the needs of our patients, physicians, and co-workers
  • Integrity - Communicate openly and honestly, build trust and conduct ourselves according to the highest ethical standards
  • Respect - Treat each individual with the highest professionalism and dignity
  • Commitment - Pledge to support the vision of nursing, the hospital and the system
  • Loyalty - Dedicate ourselves to our patients, their families, our community and our profession
  • Excellence - Continue to learn and provide the superior clinical practice to our patients in a healthy work environment.