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You will receive a Maryland Summary Statement about a week after you are discharged. This is not a bill. It summarizes your inpatient hospital charges and lists the insurance you provided upon admission. Please review the statement and contact Customer Service if any information is incorrect or missing. Please verify that your address, insurance carrier name and member identification numbers are correct. You should also expect to receive bills from doctors who treated you while you were here. Please contact them directly with your billing questions. Below are numbers for some of the physicians who practice at the hospital.

  • MedStar Medical Group: 443-725-8741
  • Baltimore Imaging Center: 410-764-0912
  • MD Nuclear Medicine: 800-492-5153
  • EPA Emergency Physicians Association: 800-575-7892
  • Professional Management Inc.: 410-931-0486

Your Insurance

If you are coming to the hospital for certain scheduled services, you may be contacted by registration or business office staff to verify that the information we have on file is accurate and complete. Based on anticipated services, we will tell you how much your insurance is expected to pay and the estimated amount due from you. You'll have the opportunity to pay in advance or make arrangements to bring that amount when you come to the hospital. We can work with you to set up payment arrangements to help ease the financial burden.

Our customer service representatives are committed to assisting you in resolving any billing questions and concerns you may have. Bills will be submitted to your insurance company as a courtesy to you.

If you receive a bill from us that you feel should be covered by your insurance company, first, contact them directly to confirm why the claim was not paid. Your insurance company should supply you with an "explanation of benefits," which will detail their payment or denial of the claim. We will be happy to work with you and your insurance company to resolve any billing problems you may encounter. Please contact the Business Office immediately to discuss these matters.

Upon receipt of payment or denial of the claim, a bill will be sent to you indicating the amount you owe. Prompt payment of the patient amount due is appreciated. On occasion, we may notify you and request your assistance when your insurance company fails to respond to our requests for payment. We prefer to obtain payment directly from your insurance company, but your assistance may be required to resolve an outstanding claim.

Your Part

If you are unable to pay the patient amount due in full, we will work with you to establish a reasonable payment plan. You may make arrangements with either Registration or Patient Advocacy prior to your discharge or you may contact our Customer Service department after you go home.

MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital understands that patients may be faced with a difficult financial situation when they incur medical bills that are not covered by insurance. We encourage every patient and family to pursue all available programs that may be offered through the local Department of Social Services. There are many programs that you and your family may be eligible for, including pharmacy coverage and children's programs, even if your income may be above state guidelines for Medical Assistance.

We have patient advocates at the hospital to assist you in applying for medical assistance. They are here to help you obtain insurance coverage through various programs offered by the state of Maryland so that your current stay may be covered and so that you are able to be covered for your future healthcare needs. Please know that representatives for these state programs may be in contact with you to assist with your Medical Assistance application process.

If you do not qualify for medical assistance, MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital offers financial assistance to patients who live within the community it serves who have limited or no ability to pay. Eligibility is based on income and financial resources and requires the patient complete an application and supply certain financial information including proof of income and disclosure of assets. The programs allow for full or partial relief based on a sliding scale up to 400% of federal poverty guidelines. A patient advocate or registration professional can assist you in obtaining the application or you may contact our Customer Service department at 410-933-2424 or 800-280-9006 during regular business hours.

Learn more about our Financial Assistance Policy here.

Contact Patient Advocacy if you have any questions at 443-444-4587 or 443-444-3855.

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