NEDA Partnerships and Projects

In May 2001, the Northeast Community Organization, working in concert with the MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital and Morgan State University sponsored the Northeast Community Summit, an event that attracted more than 200 participants from various communities throughout northeast Baltimore. This event was designed to address conditions and trends that were beginning to affect the stability and vitality of the area. The event resulted in the development of an ambitious work plan that included the formation of a community development corporation.

Since its inception, NEDA has partnered with St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center, Inc., in an intervention acquisition project of HUD foreclosed houses. This initiative resulted in the rehabilitation and sale of over 50 area homes to first-time buyers. Together, NEDA, MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital, and Morgan State University sponsored two Fannie Mae neighborhood Open House Tours.

To augment its community marketing campaign, NEDA conducted a community-wide storytelling project and published the collected stories in a booklet, The Acts of Neighborliness Stories. This project was designed to welcome as well as attract new residents to the area. It was supported by the Baltimore Community Foundation. NEDA's partnership with St. Ambrose also helped provide housing counseling services and several foreclosure education workshops. NEDA partners with Neighborhood Housing Services to stabilize housing conditions in the Mid-Govans neighborhood with an acquisition and rehabilitation plan designed to assist elderly homeowners stay in their homes and assist new buyers attracted to the neighborhood. NEDA supported the Northwood Plaza community design workshop and revitalization project and is directing the "Planning to Exceed" community-wide planning process with Morgan State University under a Department of Housing and Urban Development Historically Black Colleges and Universities Grant.

NEDA is the vehicle through which NECO, MedStar Good Samaritan and Morgan State work to create stronger, synergistic and future-oriented neighborhoods within Northeast Baltimore City. The central premise underlying NEDA is that its community development initiatives and projects will always strive to reflect shared values and sound principles of urban neighborhood regeneration for the benefit of its residents, businesses, neighborhoods and area partners.