Our Green Efforts

Grown for Good Garden Project

The Green for Good Team at MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital needs your help throughout the year as continue to care for our Grown for Good Garden. This employee-managed garden grows a rotating crop of plants and vegetables that are donated to local organizations throughout the year such as Our Daily Bread, the Baltimore program providing hot meals to local residents. It's a small commitment, but it makes a huge difference. Call 443-444-4979 for more information.

Mission Statement

MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital's commitment to being environmentally safe and friendly is lead by our own Green for Good Team. This team plans and implements environmental initiatives, both within the facility and in our surrounding community. Our role is to provide the knowledge and tools necessary to help our colleagues and neighbors make healthier, more environmentally responsible choices.

Green Fact

MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital uses a single-stream program for much of its recycling efforts including metal, plastic, glass,non-confidential paper, paperboard and cardboard. We have special programs for batteries, toners, electronics, food and organic material as well as bulk waste.

Our Green for Good core values:


1. Foster a culture of environmental consciousness at Medstar Good Samaritan Hospital

a. Make it easier for employees to "go green" at work

i. Identify small behavior changes that employees can make to help MedStar GSH reduce waste and energy usage/costs such as recycling

ii. Invest in energy-efficient technology where feasible

iii. Develop low-cost initiatives to support these projects

b. Help employees "go green" at home

i. Engage employees with fun green events, giveaways and product sales

c. Protect employee environmental health and safety

i. Limit use of harmful chemicals where possible

d. Communicate cost savings as well as intrinsic benefits of waste reduction and green initiatives to employees

2. Continue to "green" our waste management practices while adhering to GAT limitations

a. Convert from disposable to reusable products where feasible

b. Continue use of non-toxic cleaning practices and biodegradable cleaning supplies

3. Develop Green policies to sustain facility's current and future best practices