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Breast Center at MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer, you want the very best care possible. At the Breast Center at MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital, you have access to the top specialists and breast cancer services in Baltimore.

At MedStar Good Samaritan, our team of breast cancer experts is highly experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with all stages of breast cancer. We offer advanced screening and genetic counseling because early and accurate diagnosis is critical to your care.

We understand that not every type of breast cancer is the same, and we are here to provide you with the compassionate care and support you and your family need, from diagnosis to treatment. Our team to works together to consider all options, and develop an individualized treatment plan that will deliver the best possible outcome.

Breast Cancer Services

Breast Cancer Screening Programs

Regular breast cancer screenings are recommended for all women.

  • Monthly self-breast exams beginning at age 20
  • Breast exams by a medical provider every three years for women ages 20 to 39 and every year after the age of 40
  • Annual mammograms and breast exams for women ages 40 and older, or younger if high risk

We offer traditional mammograms as well as 3-D mammography, which provides a clearer image of breast masses, particularly in women with dense breast tissue, making it easier to detect abnormalities or cancer.

Learn more about breast cancer screening programs and mammography.

Genetic Counseling

Individuals who have strong family histories of breast cancer may want to see a genetic counselor. While less than five percent of cancer cases diagnosed each year are based on heredity, family members can pass inherited cancer gene mutations from generation to generation. Our certified genetic counselor specializes in genetically inherited cancers and will meet with you to assess your risk.

Learn more about genetic counseling services and how to make an appointment.

In addition, our Breast Center offers:

  • Infusion Center: providing IV therapy of all types, including, but not limited to chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and iron fusion
  • Radiation Therapy: using the most advanced image-guided therapy, including a linear accelerator
  • Breast Surgery: comprehensive breast surgical services, including intraoperative radiation therapy and oncoplastic and reconstructive surgery
  • Screening and Imaging: including on-site CT, MRI, ultrasound, mammography, and breast biopsy
  • Molecular Profiling and Treatment
  • Clinical Trials: offering various programs, including targeted therapy and immunotherapy
  • Second Opinions: our fast-track program enables you to make an appointment for a second opinion within 48 hours
  • Breast Clinics: multidisciplinary clinics that meet on a weekly basis
  • Support Services: patient and family support services, including a survivorship program, cardio-oncology, geriatric oncology, cancer rehabilitation, social work, financial counseling, and transportation
  • Patient Navigation Service

  • Free Parking

What Is a Second Opinion?

Getting a second opinion means asking a breast cancer specialist, aside from your initial physician, to review your medical reports and test results and then provide a diagnosis and treatment recommendations. A breast cancer expert will have infinitely more experience with specific types of breast cancer and will be up to speed on the latest and most advanced breast cancer treatment options. The specialist may confirm your initial diagnosis and treatment recommendations, provide additional treatment options, or give more details about your type and stage of breast cancer. Even if you’ve already started or had treatment, it’s not too late to get a second opinion. Our team of breast cancer specialists can see you within 48 hours.

What Questions to Ask During a Second Opinion

When determining where to go for a second opinion, here are some questions to keep in mind.

  • How much experience do the physicians at the facility have—how many patients have they treated each year and how many times is each treatment performed?
  • Are the physicians properly trained to diagnose and treat your form of cancer—do they have board certification?
  • Does the facility meet high standards for cancer diagnosis and treatment—is the hospital properly accredited and are they consistently recognized for medical excellence?

Our Team of Breast Cancer Experts

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer, you want the very best care possible. At the Breast Center at MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital, every member of our team is committed to the individual needs of each patient and their families. We understand that emotional support and quality of life are important to every successful breast cancer treatment plan. By using a multidisciplinary approach our team is able to coordinate care at all phases of diagnosis and treatment. Our fellowship-trained specialists are actively involved in leading-edge research that is shaping the future of medicine. Our team includes the region’s best oncologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists, and diagnostic radiologists.

Click to learn more about our team of breast cancer experts.

Learn More about Breast Cancer

Watch our experts from the MedStar Health Cancer Network explain risk factors, common myths and treatment options available for patients.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons, Three-Year Approval with Commendation
  • Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons, Three-Year Accreditation with Commendation (as part of MedStar's Baltimore Region Cancer Network)

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