When you need to know what to do next, MedStar Health cancer teams are here with leading technology and compassionate care tailored to your diagnosis. Our teams bring together the expertise of world-renowned doctors supported by registered nurses, nutritionists, pharmacists, and other specialists, as well as innovative researchers working on new techniques and treatments, all to provide you with the care you deserve. With information tailored to your experience, leading technology, and a staff dedicated to collaboration, you can rest assured that MedStar Health is the place for a supportive healing experience.

We want to answer your questions and calm your uncertainties and invite you to read more about specific types of cancers, the sensitive diagnostic methods MedStar Health offers, and the cutting edge treatments we provide. Or, just give us a call—we are here for you.

Types of Cancer

Cancer Treatments

Once a cancer diagnosis is confirmed, you will probably feel overwhelmed and scared. These feelings are normal. Remember that your MedStar Health cancer team is doing everything possible to treat your cancer. Our experienced doctors excel at finding the balance between treating the cancer aggressively and maintaining a high quality of life for patients.


During the treatment process, your oncologist (a doctor who specializes in cancer) works closely with you to create an individualized treatment program that meets your needs. You are probably wondering what your treatment options are, what the side effects will be and how they will affect your day-to-day life. Your healthcare team is here to answer any questions you have.

The treatment options for cancer vary from patient to patient. Factors that your doctors take into consideration when planning your treatment include:

  • What kind of cancer you have
  • How far the cancer has progressed (the stage of the cancer)
  • Where in your body the cancer is found
  • Your general health and medical history

Generally, the treatment options for cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Certain treatments can be done on an outpatient basis while others require hospitalization.

Read on to find out how each treatment works to fight the cancer.

Caregiver Resources

CaringOn is a non-profit organization that enables patients with advanced cancer to honor their respective caregivers with a special gift. Patients must reside in the State of Maryland and have a cancer diagnosis of stage 4 or higher. Click here to learn more and honor a caregiver.