Also known as internal radiation therapy, brachytherapy is an advanced cancer treatment in which radioactive materials known as seeds or sources are placed directly inside or very near the tumor, giving a high radiation dose to the tumor while reducing the radiation exposure to adjacent healthy tissues. MedStar Health provides both low-dose rate (LDR) and high-dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy, both of which deliver appropriate doses of ionizing radiation to the treatment area. We routinely perform the following types of brachytherapy:

  • A variety of gynecological implants, both LDR and HDR
  • LDR prostate brachytherapy
  • HDR breast brachytherapy
  • HDR endobronchial brachytherapy

Learn more about brachytherapy in the educational video below: 

MammoSite™ Radiation Therapy System

MammoSite™ Radiation Therapy System is a type of internal radiation (brachytherapy) offered at MedStar Health. It is an FDA-approved treatment option for select patients; generally older women treated by lumpectomy for early-stage breast cancer with negative lymph nodes. MammoSite treats only the tissue adjacent to the surgical area, instead of the whole breast like traditional external beam therapy. Treatment time is five days (as opposed to 6-8 weeks), and, because treatment is so targeted, potential side effects to healthy tissue are reduced.

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