Let Us Pamper You

Our JointEx Inpatient Unit presents a peaceful, wellness environment that promotes healing. We want you to be comfortable, even pampered, during your stay.

Enjoy mostly private rooms in a soothing, nurturing setting, a physical therapy area for group therapy to promote a motivating and fun recovery experience, a conference room and a casting room. Each room even has a desk area with computer hook-up, for those who can't bear to miss a few days of work.

Some Very Good Extras: Let Us Pamper You
We offer some special touches to treat you while you are here, including:

  • massages from a certified massage therapist
  • daily newspapers
  • reunion luncheon with your JointEx peers and coaches
  • access to our onsite fitness center for family members

The JointEx Team: Stress-Free Care
Our JointExperience Team is comprised of a group of dedicated clinical staff members who work together to help you with your recovery. Relax and get better; we'll take care of everything. Your team includes:
A JointEx Coordinator, your one-stop resource, who coordinates every aspect of your care,


A clinical pharmacist, devoted solely to the orthopedic unit, who assists with pain management to make sure you are comfortable, and manages an anticoagulation program;

Your coach, a family or friend you select or one of our volunteers, who attends all therapy sessions, learns about post-surgical care, dressing changes, your home exercise program and follow-up appointments, assists with transfers and stairs, and supports and assists you with comfort items.

In addition, a team of physical and occupational therapists, volunteers, case managers and physician assistants also will be involved in your care.

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