Prevention Through Colonoscopies

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death for men and women combined. It's one of the most common, and yet preventable, cancers. If you are age 50 or older, it is time to schedule your first colonoscopy, a painless screening that could save your life.

Family history, as well as age, are risk factors for colon cancer. If you have a close relative with a history of colon polyps or colon cancer, unexplained abdominal pain, rectal bleeding or change in bowel habits, you may need to have a colonoscopy before age 50.

A colonoscopy allows a physician to examine the entire large intestine (colon) for abnormalities, such as ulcers or benign polyps. If polyps are found, they will be removed during the procedure, reducing the risk of colon cancer.

Colonoscopy is an important screening test, as colon cancer may be present with no symptoms. Usually, the procedure is repeated every 10 years, but may be required more often.

Having a colonoscopy is painless, as you will receive sedation and are asleep during the procedure.

Discuss risk factors with your physician to determine the best time to schedule your first colonoscopy.

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